Charity shop finds

As I’m now making my business cards from old playing cards, I have started collecting any packs that we find in charity shops. This is my collection so far!

Music stand cards

First up are these gorgeous cards with a musical theme.

Coastal trump cards

Next we have some top trump style cards from the RSPB.


My husband had a great find with this huge stack of cards that are some kind of word game and also the gold box of cards which is another set of the beautiful musical cards. This time with a violinist on:

Violinist cards

These will all soon become brand new business cards. I have also decided that I am going to have to start saving one of each kind of card that I use, so that I can look back over them when I’m very rich, thanks to all the sales that they bring me!


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2 Responses to “Charity shop finds”

  1. whoatemycrayons Says:

    I just love this idea. Do you find that the fact that the cards are not standard business card size a problem? Just wondering if people can put them into the card slots in their purses or wallets for storage etc.

    • jenny Says:

      The fact that they are a little bigger doesn’t seem to be a problem. The number of people taking a card has definitely gone up since I started doing these so it has only been a good thing! They do seem to fit in my wallet so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone 🙂

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