Trogdor the Burninator

For christmas I made a patch for my husbands bag as one of his gifts. Yesterday, I finally got round to actually sewing it onto his bag!


If any of you are fans of Homestar Runner and the Strongbad emails then you may recognise Trogdor the Burninator. If he’s new to you, then you really should go and check out the site because it’s hilarious 😀



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3 Responses to “Trogdor the Burninator”

  1. Talia Says:

    I LOVE Trogor! This patch is seriously awesome!

  2. SophieCat Says:

    I love the patch too Jenny, not sure what it’s about but it looks good.

  3. Eliza Says:

    I’m going to embroider this on a onesie for our baby

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