Getting Into Bed With Google

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading a book called ‘Get into bed with Google’ which is full of useful tips for coming higher up on Google searches. This post is going to be the first in a series that will hopefully document my becoming a master of SEO (search engine optimisation).

My first task is to see where I appear in searches right now.


When searching ‘Junky Chicken’ it turns out that I pretty much fill the first page of results! There is just one entry that has nothing to do with me… for now!


Searching ‘chicken doorstop’, one of my main items, does not go so well. I am nowhere to be seen on page 1 and I don’t appear on page 2 or 3 either! Hopefully this won’t be the case for much longer, so stay tuned to see if I can work my way up the rankings.


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4 Responses to “Getting Into Bed With Google”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    Well, I didn’t come from a search engine (unless wordpress counts) but I’d love to hear what works for you during your optimization. I just now started to branch out from growing my readership organically to adding search engines into the mix.

  2. Getting Into Bed With Google | SEO Article Expert Says:

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  3. haptree Says:

    Ooh good, these posts will be really interesting, need to work on my seo so will be great to see what’s working for you.

  4. Keywords « Junky Chicken Says:

    […] Keywords By jenny Welcome to part 2 of my ‘Getting Into Bed With Google’ series If you missed the first post then you can check it out here. […]

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