Wedding Invitations

Today I finally got round to scanning our wedding invitations. So, at last, here is the first post about things we made for our wedding. It was meant to be something that I did as we went along but I never had time in the crazy run up to the day!


We didn’t have a theme for the wedding, we just wanted to apply the same values to the wedding as we do to everything else that we do… Everything was to be done using recycled materials, or using natural/organic things and to have as many things as possible to be handmade.


The invitations were printed onto recycled card stock and then the bunting was hand drawn onto each invitation and I then hand-painted each one differently.


This is the card that was included with the invites, with a map and directions on one side and other information on the back.


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2 Responses to “Wedding Invitations”

  1. Eileen Says:

    So nice to see such unique wedding stationary, and I love the fact they are recycled.

  2. nickynackynoo Says:

    I love the way the colours look on the brown invitations. Really pretty. I have happy memories of Danehill Church – it’s where I grew up so we cycled there every Sunday.

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