Galleries and Craft Fairs

Last week was another busy week and it ended in a crazy couple of days. On Friday we went to drop off a flock of chickens to go down to the Brooks Smith gallery in St Ives sometime next week. As usual I was ready just in time. Although, as usual, this didn’t allow any time for a photo shoot, so I apologise for the terrible photo of the chickens all ready to go.


The owners of the gallery have also commissioned me to make two chickens from baby grows that their kids wore so stay tuned to see how they turn out 🙂

Friday was also craft day eve which is always a mad rush of finishing the huge list of things that are still left to do, no matter how organised I have tried to be.


This is our stall on Saturday, apologies again for the awful photo, inside photos never work. This was our last fair of the summer and it was a good day. There always seems to be one thing that sells best which changes randomly at each fair, last time it was the envelopes made from sheet music, and this time it was the chicken paperweights. I’m now down to two!


And for all you nosey people, this is behind the scenes on our stall!


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