Time for another post about wedding related things 🙂 Next up is bunting. In the end I made around 150 metres & cut out over 650 triangles of fabric! The above photo was taken a couple of days before the wedding as I was still madly sewing it all, trying to be finished in time to hang it all the next day.


Thankfully I did manage to finish in time and was also pleased to find that there was enough to go everywhere we wanted it and that we had it measured it all properly! I was so pleased with how it all looked, totally worth feeling a little crazy by the time I’d finished sewing it all!


My favourite thing about the bunting was that the whole lot was made out of reclaimed materials. The fabric came from the Wiltshire scrap store or from fabric I already had (which is only sourced from freecycle, charity shops etc) and I got all the binding from ebay.


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4 Responses to “Bunting”

  1. Vonnie Says:

    Wow! And it’s all recycled?! Well done you 🙂

  2. x vInTaGe VioLeT x Says:

    what a labour of love!

  3. Petal Textiles Says:

    Its looks fantastic and thats a lot of bunting! I have just made 4m for a friends wedding, and found that hard work, so well done.

  4. Folksy Fhursday – Bunting « Junky Chicken Says:

    […] you enjoyed this weeks bunting finds. If you are still yearning for more then have a look at the bunting that I made for my […]

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