Wedding Cakes


It was kindly suggested to us by some family members that we might not want to make our own wedding cake. Too much stress, so much to do, you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy the day etc. But I’m afraid I’m stubborn and had set my heart on doing it, so do it we did! Also, wedding cakes are expensive, especially when you want them to be made from organic ingredients. I haven’t sold quite enough chickens to be rich yet so really it was our only option.


To take our cake making to a whole other level of crazy, we decided to hand draw flowers on to Montezuma’s chocolate buttons with melted chocolate, using a cocktail stick. These were to decorate the cakes. The day we decided to do this it had been really hot and although it was late evening by the time we started, it was still really warm. We had to keep the buttons in the fridge, only taking a few out at a time so that we didn’t leave fingerprints in sticky buttons while holding them still to draw on! We also had to use cold plates from the freezer to put the buttons on to help keep them cold for long enough, and then keep swapping to a fresh cold plate! We spent about 3 hours doing these so we are probably completely insane but we think they looked awesome so we’re glad we did it 🙂


After 4 batches of cake mix, several hours and too many packets of chocolate and sugar to keep track of, we had 56 delicious cakes for guests, and a few left over for checking that they tasted OK! Just in case this photo doesn’t make you hungry already, I should let you all know that these were an amazing brownie-like sponge recipe… They seemed to be pretty popular with our guests!


Apart from the small cakes, we also made a separate cake for cutting, as Joe’s Grandpa had suggested at some point that we could cut the cake with a sword that they had lying around. An awesome idea that we had to do! Cake should always be cut with a sword 😀


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6 Responses to “Wedding Cakes”

  1. Treaclezoo Says:

    what yummy looking wedding treats, & the sword cake-cutting is definitely the coolest way to do it!
    – many congratulations to you both, and wishing you many years of 528Hz together x

  2. hannah Says:

    My hubby made our cake for our wedding, he really enjoyed it, we didn’t, however, cut it with a sword, but I wish we had. 🙂

  3. Joe Says:

    Woohoo!! 54!!

  4. Joe Says:

    What shapes do my other e-mail addresses make??

  5. Joe Says:

    OoOoOo! What about this one??

  6. Joe Says:

    I think I like this one the best.


    This one is the best one.

    (Great cakes by the way…)

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