Knitting With Fruit

Unfortunately I haven’t had a minute spare for knitting anything lately, but if I did manage to find some time then there are some great eco-friendly yarns out there that I would love to experiment with. Some of which are made from fruit! Kind of.

This yarn from Knit Purl is made from 100% Fique which is from the pineapple plant family. It is described as being durable and that it holds its shape well.

If you don’t like pineapples then you could try knitting with some banana silk like the one above from All Eco. It’s spun from the shredded rayon waste that is left over after clothing manufacture. The rayon is made from a non-fruiting variety of banana palm and each skein is completely unique as the colours come from the already coloured scraps.

It’s colourful, it involves recycling and it’s similar to silk without any silk worms having to die… what more could you want from a yarn? 🙂

For this last one I’m going to cheat a bit as it’s not actually a yarn made from a fruit plant, although it is still fruit related. It’s from a company called Mango Moon Yarns who work with a Nepali women’s empowerment group and a spinners co-op in Indonesia.

The yarn above is amazing and is made from the scraps that are discarded after the silk weaving process. They are hand tied together to create these amazing multi-coloured balls. Even if I had time to knit I think this would just end up being looked at and admired. It’s the kind of yarn that needs to become something amazing and at the moment I have no idea what that something might be… I just know I want some!


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5 Responses to “Knitting With Fruit”

  1. thebotheredowl Says:

    Banana silk is AMAZING. I bought a little bit the other year and knitted my friend a teeny tiny coin purse and it is every bit as soft and shiny as silk worm silk. And largely guilt free. Huzzah!

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks for all the links, some beautiful possibilities here!

  3. streetwear Says:

    Perfect work!Keep posting
    Follow us on twitter

  4. streetwear Says:

    Just an amazing site!

  5. Jude Says:

    Ooh that is some gorgeous yarn – I am sorely tempted!

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