Rain Rain Go Away

It has been pouring with rain all day long so far, so I thought I would search on Folksy for a few rainy day things to blog about.

First up is this beautiful giclée print from Hilltop Paintings. It is titled ‘Purple Rain’ and it looks like a very stormy, wet day. I must own a print from Hilltop Paintings one day, although I don’t know how we will ever decide which one to get.

This print is called ‘Rainy Day’ and you can get it from Marmalime. I love the little faces in the raindrops.

Lastly, another print. This one is called ‘Landing Dreamstealers’ and you can get it from Specific Flavour And The Mobile Slaughter Unit (great name!). This is a gocco print on recycled card with an embroidered star.


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3 Responses to “Rain Rain Go Away”

  1. jeni Says:

    Hey, just found your blog and love it! Great pics, come and say hi when u gt a chance 🙂 http://www.jeniwren.com

  2. blissknits Says:

    Love the rainy day pics – sick of the rain!

    Though as some bright person once said: ‘If you want the flowers, you have to put up with the rain’ (or something like that!)

  3. Orange Pop Says:

    I love the bottom one, adorable!


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