Watch This Space!

I know it’s been very quiet lately here at the Junky Chicken blog, but I thought I would let you know about some of the blog posts that I have planned for the very near future.

More wedding related posts: We aren’t far off our first wedding anniversary now, so it would be nice to finish these before that arrives! If you missed the first ones though, you can see them all here.

A giveaway: I haven’t decided for certain yet what will be given away. It may be one of my lavender filled houses (to celebrate our new home) or I might wait a little longer and have a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post. I’m not far off it now!

Our new craft room: I will be posting a few pictures of our new craft room, and showing off the amazing view that we have from the window! Unfortunately though, this post will have to wait until I have finally managed to unpack all my boxes of fabric. Hopefully it won’t be much longer as my Dad has found a set of shelves in the garage that should be perfect. They just need to be unearthed from beneath the piles of stuff that any family of 6 manages to collect and then relegate to the garage!

More Folksy Fhursdays: My Folksy Fhursday posts will be continuing, so make sure you check back each week to see what I have found.

Getting into bed with Google: It’s been a little while since I last did a post for my series on working on my SEO skills using this very useful book. I will be going back to doing some more of these posts, with useful things for you to try for your own websites.

New items: My next few weeks will be spent madly making up some new stock & getting some of it listed in my Folksy shop. There will be a few new things making it into the shop that I have only sold at fairs so far, and are yet to be sold online. I’m sure there will be a few mentions on here of what I’m up to & what’s new in my shop.

New website design: As soon as I have a few spare moments I am desperate to get my website redesigned. I built it when I first started selling stuff & my business has changed a lot since the beginning so my website really needs updating. Plus, I’m jealous of Joe’s website! There will probably be a few post’s about my progress & I will definitely be having a post to unveil it and send you all in the direction of my new site!

Craft fairs: We have been busy getting lot’s of craft fairs booked over the last day or two and have been very pleased to find that we seem to be in a good area for fairs! Keep an eye on the blog to find out where we will be making an appearance!

Hopefully there is something there to interest all of you. The only way to really find out though is to keep coming back to my blog to have a read!


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2 Responses to “Watch This Space!”

  1. chickadee cards Says:

    Wow! Busy, busy, busy!

  2. Gemma Says:

    Sounds like you have your blog posts sorted for the rest of the year then!! Wish I was that organised.
    At some point I may blog about all the crafty bits I did for my wedding. Wonder if I’ll manage before my 1st anniverary too?

    Happy new home xxx

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