Folksy Fhursday – Swallows

As today is Swallow Day, the day that celebrates the return of swallows to the UK, this weeks theme is swallows.

First up this week is this print from Tim Irving. This photo was taken through an old camera lens which is what gives it this vintage look. If you haven’t seen Tim’s work before I would really recommend you go and have a look in his shop.

This Swallow brooch is from Lost At Sea. It has been cut from a piece of solid walnut and the design is hand inlayed with 28 individual pieces of dyed wood veneer. So much work has gone in to it.

These Tattoo earrings are from Twinklyspangle. I learnt the other day that Twinklyspangle takes her photos using a milk bottle to diffuse the light. A clever trick that results in fantastic photos!

You can get this Swallows Tale bracelet from Chain of Daisies. The swallow has been aged to bring out the details and is gently curved so that it fits your wrist comfortably.

Last but not least, this set of 5 hand-printed swallow gift tags comes from The Copper Swallow. I’m very pleased to see that the tags are cut from 100% recycled card and that the ties are biodegradeable, natural jute twine.


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3 Responses to “Folksy Fhursday – Swallows”

  1. vInTaGe VioLeT Says:

    i love swallows – that photo is gorgeous.

  2. twinklyspangle Says:

    Lovely choices!! That print is beautiful 🙂 Thank you for including my earrings aswell. x

  3. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    what a lovely post, swallows are such wonderful birds and its nice to see them featuring in these crafts!

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