Your help is needed!

When I first signed up to Folksy I had only just started selling my crafts and hadn’t even come up with a name for myself. When filling in my details to open my Folksy shop I was unprepared and ended up rushing into deciding to call my little business Jenny’s Textiles. I was never completely happy with this as I felt it limited what I could make and it seemed pretty boring. So, about 6 months later, I relaunched myself as Junky Chicken.

My problem is that now the URL for my Folksy shop is and whenever I post in the forums it is as Jennystextiles. This is why I now need your help. Should I sign up for a new Folksy account with Junky Chicken as my user name? I know how important it is to brand yourself well and to be consistent, and I hate that it must be confusing to customers having what seems to be two different shop names. What holds me back from just changing it is that I have 31 sales, good feedback & 132 people having favourited my shop so it would take a little while to work my way back to having the same in my new shop. I also worry a little about missing out on sales from previous customers/people that have favourited my shop due to them maybe not finding me again.

So, I would love if you could all click away in my poll below and help me decide what to do. I would also love to hear any thoughts or advice that any of you might have in the comments. Have any of you done this yourself? Thank you in advance for anyone that helps!


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7 Responses to “Your help is needed!”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Why not run both accounts side by side with a referral statement on the shop front of each one referring to the other one. Once you have built up a bit of business and some cred on Junky Chicken you could then either close Jennystextiles or use it as a different store selling different types of products. Lots of people do this on Etsy . . have one store for one type of product, say jewellery findings, and another for other products, say completed jewellery made using findings from the other store.

  2. NOfkantsCurios Says:

    I agree with Gloria, as any people who know you as Jenny’s Textiles may not find you as Junky Chicken and you may lose some of your valued clients. Once established you could phase out Jenny’s textiles if you want to, giving plenty of forum info and warnings as you go.

    I only have the one shop, but many people have more than one, to spread thier crafts a variety of directions.

    Natalie x

  3. Leanne Says:

    I recently changed mine too. When I sell offline (which is where I sell most) I’m just known as Leanne Woods and a lot of my customers would search for me online under my real name so I changed it. It does mean that my shop name is Leanne Woods Designs, but my url is still see the woods but I think I can get away with it.

    Gloria’s idea is a good one. You could open a second account as Junky Chicken and just put a link on Jenny’s Textiles telling everyone you have moved until you build the new shop up to the same level.

  4. Gemma Says:

    I was going to say what Gloria said!

    • jenny Says:

      Thanks for the feedback guys 🙂 Starting a new account seems to be winning so far and that would definitely be a good idea to have links on each shop to the other like Gloria suggests.
      I think a decision may be being reached! Keep the votes & comments coming in though!

  5. Mitzi Says:

    Voted too – Gloria’s idea is a great solution! I love the name JunkyChicken btw 🙂

  6. gtlady Says:

    Gloria’s idea is a good one too! I kinda went through this a while back, my shop name is what I wanted, but when I signed up I knew nothing so my user name was gtlady, what I’d used on ebay to buy things, andthat is my shop user name, so if I want to direct people straight to my folksy shop they have to put gtlady in as opposed to hookedyarn, which i really don’t like but I really don’t want to go through the whole new shop thing. If I’m being honest I think you should go with Glorias suggestion, so long as the links are obvious to each shop, it should work – good luck!

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