Wedding Photo Booth/Board Thingummy

On May day my little sister got married. The wedding was 50’s inspired and as a gift to her and the new brother-in-law, Joe and I made them a photo booth/board thingummy. I have no idea of the actual name for these, but as the wedding was to be in a hotel opposite Brighton’s Palace Pier, the original idea had been to make one of those seaside board things with the holes cut out for your face to go in while you have your photo taken. (If anyone knows the name for these then PLEASE tell me! It has been driving me crazy!) After seeing a link to this tutorial on CRAFT though, I decided to make my own version of this and to introduce some 50’s touches.

This was the view from my Mum and Dad's hotel room where we all got ready!

As is often the case, in my mind this was nice and easy to make and wouldn’t take too long, in reality it wasn’t so easy and it took much longer than planned! Even shopping for the materials to make it was a little more difficult than expected. We merrily assumed that the large piece of plywood would nicely fit into the boot of our new, old estate car Howard… Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and some creative thinking was called for. Thankfully the two, very helpful guys that served us at Travis Perkins came up with the genius idea of binding it to the roof rack with the plastic stuff that pallets of bricks and things are usually tied up with. Driving back to my parents house in the middle of rush hour was scary and slow but luckily we made it without the wood moving even an inch!

The next challenge was getting the wallpaper onto the board. Wallpapering seems to be a talent I don’t have so thankfully my Dad came to the rescue and re-papered the board for me. He also cut the board to a more sensible size for me and cut out the ‘face hole’.

Other than the vaguely 50’s style wallpaper, the main 50’s touches that were added were in the form of some Photoshops of the bride and groom in a few different 50’s situations! If you want to see what they looked like though, you will have to head over to Joe’s blog.

Thankfully the photo booth/board thingummy was finished in time and now fitted into the boot of the car so getting down to Brighton was much easier! It was great fun watching people enjoying using it and hopefully my sister and brother-in-law will have some great photos. Here’s one of them!

I also made a cake topper as a surprise and I will be blogging about that in a few days time so make sure you come back to have a look!


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4 Responses to “Wedding Photo Booth/Board Thingummy”

  1. 50′s Photoshopping « To illustrate my point Says:

    […] to be honest almost all the credit for what we created goes to Jenny (my amazing wife). She’s done a blog post about her efforts here so at this point I refer you to her blog if you want to know more of the […]

  2. Alix Says:

    I am amazed! What a wonderful pair you are. How clever and creative. And what a lovely unique gift.

  3. gtlady Says:

    What a fab, thoughtful pressie, I’d of been well made up with that, what a great sis you are!
    p.s. Did you wear 50’s get up, if you did you must post piccies!

  4. Swallows Cake Topper « Junky Chicken Says:

    […] Cake Topper By jenny A few weeks ago I blogged about one of the gifts that I’d made for my sister’s wedding and I mentioned then that I had also made a cake […]

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