Doodle Schmoodle

I’ve decided to join in with a journal doodle challenge that is being hosted by Chantal over at Betty’s Place. I have always loved drawing and yet never seem to have the time to do any so I’m hoping that joining in with this will give me a good excuse to do a bit!

The basic idea is that every day there will be a different doodle page to print out and go wild with. The first doodle page was entitled ‘Me Me Me’ and above is the doodle that I came up with. A very pregnant me wondering when the baby is finally going to come out and meet us!

A Flickr group has been set up for the challenge so go and have a look at everybody’s doodles! Joe has also decided to join in and will be blogging his doodles too, keep an eye on him over here!


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3 Responses to “Doodle Schmoodle”

  1. thesockgarden Says:

    Cool! How spooky would it be if there’s an appropriate theme for the day baby Hurry arrives 🙂 & thanks for the link to Spiky – totally adorable

  2. Sam Says:

    That’s a great doodle 🙂 The baby’ll get bored soon enough!

    Sam x

  3. Doodle Schmoodle Day 3! « To illustrate my point Says:

    […] If you want an explanation of what exactly this Doodle Schmoodle thingy is all about have a look at Jenny’s first blog post about it as she explains it much better than […]

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