Folksy Fhursday – Organic

Folksy Fhursday is back, although I can’t guarantee that it will be here every Thursday as I am technically still on maternity leave and I’m far too busy changing nappies and enjoying baby smiles!

This week I have looked for some organic Folksy finds as it is currently Organic Fortnight.

The first organic find is this great t-shirt with a hand painted jellyfish on the front. You can get it in blue or pink from Laura Lee Designs. Unfortunately they don’t come in adult sizes.

The next item is this set of handmade, organic soaps from Spiral Moon. The soaps come in several different flavours.

This fantastic organic ‘Contented Cat’ bib is from Nell. There are some other great designs in her shop too so go and have a look!

This delicious sounding, ‘Strawberry Toffee’ organic merino yarn has been dip dyed and hand painted by Wharfedale Woolworks.

The last Folksy find for this week is this hand screen printed Kokeshi Purse from Peris & Corr. They have some lovely things in their shop so make sure that you go and have a look around.


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2 Responses to “Folksy Fhursday – Organic”

  1. Kirsty - Wharfedale Woolworks Says:

    Thank you so much for including my yarn in your lovely organic selection xxx

  2. Gemma Says:

    Lovely organic finds! Laura Lee shold def start doing adult sizes!!

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