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Your help is needed!

May 8, 2010

When I first signed up to Folksy I had only just started selling my crafts and hadn’t even come up with a name for myself. When filling in my details to open my Folksy shop I was unprepared and ended up rushing into deciding to call my little business Jenny’s Textiles. I was never completely happy with this as I felt it limited what I could make and it seemed pretty boring. So, about 6 months later, I relaunched myself as Junky Chicken.

My problem is that now the URL for my Folksy shop is and whenever I post in the forums it is as Jennystextiles. This is why I now need your help. Should I sign up for a new Folksy account with Junky Chicken as my user name? I know how important it is to brand yourself well and to be consistent, and I hate that it must be confusing to customers having what seems to be two different shop names. What holds me back from just changing it is that I have 31 sales, good feedback & 132 people having favourited my shop so it would take a little while to work my way back to having the same in my new shop. I also worry a little about missing out on sales from previous customers/people that have favourited my shop due to them maybe not finding me again.

So, I would love if you could all click away in my poll below and help me decide what to do. I would also love to hear any thoughts or advice that any of you might have in the comments. Have any of you done this yourself? Thank you in advance for anyone that helps!