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Wedding Wine

April 25, 2010

It must be about time for another wedding related blog post, so here’s one about the wine that my amazing, wine-making Dad made.


He made elderberry (red) and elderflower (white) and it is my Dad that I have to thank for me ending up a little more than tipsy on my wedding day! The picture above was taken the night before wedding day eve, the wine has been bottled, labeled and boxed and is ready to go with us when we set everything up the next day.


The labels were designed by my sister/bridesmaid/photographer/graphic designer!  Other family members also did their bit for the wine-making by helping to create enough empty bottles to fill with it all!


Folksy Weddings Blog

February 1, 2010

There is a new blog in town called Folksy Weddings and Joe and I have been lucky enough to be featured on it. The lovely lady behind the blog, Anna, has done a post on our wedding. So head over there and have a look!

The blog features designers and artists who sell on Folksy. If you are planning a wedding then this is a great blog to keep an eye on, especially if you would like to support handmade and British artists.

Wedding Cakes

September 18, 2009


It was kindly suggested to us by some family members that we might not want to make our own wedding cake. Too much stress, so much to do, you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy the day etc. But I’m afraid I’m stubborn and had set my heart on doing it, so do it we did! Also, wedding cakes are expensive, especially when you want them to be made from organic ingredients. I haven’t sold quite enough chickens to be rich yet so really it was our only option.


To take our cake making to a whole other level of crazy, we decided to hand draw flowers on to Montezuma’s chocolate buttons with melted chocolate, using a cocktail stick. These were to decorate the cakes. The day we decided to do this it had been really hot and although it was late evening by the time we started, it was still really warm. We had to keep the buttons in the fridge, only taking a few out at a time so that we didn’t leave fingerprints in sticky buttons while holding them still to draw on! We also had to use cold plates from the freezer to put the buttons on to help keep them cold for long enough, and then keep swapping to a fresh cold plate! We spent about 3 hours doing these so we are probably completely insane but we think they looked awesome so we’re glad we did it 🙂


After 4 batches of cake mix, several hours and too many packets of chocolate and sugar to keep track of, we had 56 delicious cakes for guests, and a few left over for checking that they tasted OK! Just in case this photo doesn’t make you hungry already, I should let you all know that these were an amazing brownie-like sponge recipe… They seemed to be pretty popular with our guests!


Apart from the small cakes, we also made a separate cake for cutting, as Joe’s Grandpa had suggested at some point that we could cut the cake with a sword that they had lying around. An awesome idea that we had to do! Cake should always be cut with a sword 😀

Ransom Note Place Names

September 16, 2009

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blogging over the last week. We have been on a much needed holiday in St Ives recovering from our summer craft fairs! Now we’re back & ready to begin preparing for the christmas craft fairs 🙂

Today is another post about things that were made for our wedding. This time, it’s the place names.


As with everything else, we wanted something non-traditional that used recycled materials and was cheap. This is what we came up with:


Ransom note inspired place names which couldn’t be more recycled if they tried! The letters are cut from our collection of old magazines that we use for collage and the brown card is 100% recycled card stock, which is now 200% (?) recycled as we used the backs of some invitations that were printed out with the wrong time on. Luckily we noticed before sending them out that they said 12am instead of 12pm. Even we aren’t that non-traditional!


Joe kindly cut out a tub full of letters for me and spent ages looking for J’s as our families both seem to have A LOT of J names. Our names both begin with J, my sisters and brother all have names beginning with J and then there’s even more in the rest of the family! These were so much fun to make and I’ve now used the same idea to display prices of things at craft fairs.

Come back soon to see other things that were made for the wedding.


August 28, 2009


Time for another post about wedding related things 🙂 Next up is bunting. In the end I made around 150 metres & cut out over 650 triangles of fabric! The above photo was taken a couple of days before the wedding as I was still madly sewing it all, trying to be finished in time to hang it all the next day.


Thankfully I did manage to finish in time and was also pleased to find that there was enough to go everywhere we wanted it and that we had it measured it all properly! I was so pleased with how it all looked, totally worth feeling a little crazy by the time I’d finished sewing it all!


My favourite thing about the bunting was that the whole lot was made out of reclaimed materials. The fabric came from the Wiltshire scrap store or from fabric I already had (which is only sourced from freecycle, charity shops etc) and I got all the binding from ebay.

Wedding Invitations

August 18, 2009

Today I finally got round to scanning our wedding invitations. So, at last, here is the first post about things we made for our wedding. It was meant to be something that I did as we went along but I never had time in the crazy run up to the day!


We didn’t have a theme for the wedding, we just wanted to apply the same values to the wedding as we do to everything else that we do… Everything was to be done using recycled materials, or using natural/organic things and to have as many things as possible to be handmade.


The invitations were printed onto recycled card stock and then the bunting was hand drawn onto each invitation and I then hand-painted each one differently.


This is the card that was included with the invites, with a map and directions on one side and other information on the back.

More wedding things

April 21, 2009

WARNING!! This post is about wedding stuff again, so if you are family/a friend it’s best not to look if you like surprises! 🙂

I have finally recieved the final sari for my wedding dress, so now I can get started on cutting bits out as it is going to be a patchwork dress. This is going to be pretty scary to do as the saris are beautiful and vintage, but hopefully they will be very pleased to become a wedding dress and I will be able to make 100’s of other things too with the leftover silk.



Wedding things

April 16, 2009


If you are a family member/friend who might not want things about the wedding given away, such as my wedding attire and the like, you may want to avoid this post!

If you are nosey, or if I only exist on the internet for you, then read on…

This week three of the saris that we bought on ebay arrived. They took forever to find in the colours that I wanted but they are here at last 😀


There is still a fourth one on it’s way, which will hopefully arrive soon, and I have yet to make a final decision on which pattern I want to use, but I now at last have some thing to make my dress from!


Wiltshire scrapstore

March 15, 2009

Yesterday my Fiance and I went to the Wiltshire scrapstore which is something we have been meaning to do for ages. We had a brilliant time and managed to get loads of stuff for our wedding.


The sack is mostly filled with scraps of fabric and felt for making bunting and flowers and the stack of records is probably my favourite find. They are for using as place mats for all the guests, which unfortunately is not my own idea. It’s a stolen idea that I came across somewhere on the internet a while ago.


I also got these for using as templates for making fabric flowers.

There are scrapstores all over the country and they collect scrap from local businesses, keeping it out of landfill. Ours had all kinds of things in and the staff were lovely. I would definitely recommend looking for one near you.