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Popular Crafts/Junky Chicken Giveaway

July 12, 2010

Just a quick post to let you know that Popular Crafts are holding a giveaway at the moment in which you can win a pack of my sheet music envelopes. Head over there now if you want to enter! The giveaway runs until Friday 23rd July.


100th Post Giveaway!

June 2, 2010

I should have reached post 100 a lot sooner but, at last, I have finally made it! To celebrate I am having a giveaway. In a minute I will tell you what you can win, but firstly I would like to explain that I’m hoping that it won’t just be the winner that benefits from this giveaway but also my parents. For as long as I can remember, my parents have been talking about having a bit of land and dreaming about growing their own food. They have now put their house on the market and are planning their escape to Wales.

This is the house that my sisters, my brother and I grew up in and we are all hoping that somebody nice will come along and buy it soon. If you are looking for the perfect house to raise a family in, a house in a good position for commuting to London, or the ideal house for having all your Grandchildren round to stay, then this is the exact house that you are looking for! Go look at the details now!

If you aren’t looking for a new house but you do want to win something awesome, then you can still help us hopefully find a buyer just by entering and sending people in the direction of this post.

Now for the prize that is up for grabs! Sticking with houses, the first item (that’s right first item!) is one of my lavender houses. You will be able to pick your favourite from my shop, which should reopen any day now. The lavender that I use has actually come from the front garden of my parents house 🙂 Finger’s crossed that their new house will also have a lavender patch!

The second and third items will be a ‘Good luck with moving’ card and an ‘In a pleasing manor’ card, donated to the giveaway by Joe.

The fourth and final item will be a voucher for 10% off at The Felted Rainbow. This one maybe doesn’t fit quite so neatly into the houses/moving theme but it might come in useful all the same!
All you have to do to enter is help spread the word about this giveaway in one of the following ways:

1: Tweet about the giveaway saying “I’ve entered the @JunkyChicken 100th Post Giveaway here:” then leave a comment here saying that you have tweeted.

2: Blog about my giveaway, linking to my post and leaving a comment here linking to your post.

3: Link to my giveaway on your Facebook page (if this is how it works, I’m a non-user of Facebook so it’s all a mystery to me!) and then leave a comment here to say that you have linked.


– The giveaway will close in 2 weeks time at 11.59pm on Wednesday 16th June. (If the house sells sooner than that then it will of course have to finish sooner.)

– You can enter more than once, but each entry needs a separate comment to count.

– The giveaway is open to all readers of my blog, wherever in the world you are.

– The winner will be picked at random using

Good luck to everybody that enters and thank you in advance for all the linking that I hope you all get up to!


March 10, 2009

I have just entered a competition to win myself some selvages over at this lovely blog. I love coming across all the things that people have made using selvages and would love to try it out myself.

This awesome selvage umbrella is made by Jodie Carleton.

I also love this lamp and you can find a tutorial to make your own here.

Love Is

January 27, 2009

Hooray! I just found out that I’m one of the winners of the ‘Love Is’ competition over at Shop Handmade. The prize was to have an item featured on one of the directory pages. Go and have a look at me here!!