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Quick Website Update

July 2, 2010

Today I finally got round to changing a few links and things on my website. I originally built it when I first thought about getting into selling things a couple of years ago and what I do has changed completely since then. (I also know a hell of a lot more about building a website now!)

I started off doing textile art pieces and using some other girls name (who’s Jenny Foreman?!) but then the first chicken was born and these proved to be much more popular than the art pieces. As in, they actually sold!

So then I became Jenny’s Textiles, a name that still insists on stubbornly hanging around in certain corners of the internet O_o I was never entirely happy about this name as it made me feel limited in what I could make and I instantly found myself wanting to make non-textile based things!

About a year ago I relaunched as Junky Chicken and so it really has taken me far too long to find the time to sort my website out a bit. A complete rebuild will hopefully be starting soon but it probably won’t be until after our tiny human has made their entrance into the world. Until then, this will  have to do! If you’d like to look around a more impressive website though you can always have a look at the one that I built for the husband! Hopefully I will be as pleased with my own site someday soon!


New Website For Joe Hurry Creations

November 10, 2009

I know that it’s been a while since I last blogged, but now I’m back and this post is about one of the many things that I have been up to. I have finally finished making Joe’s website and it is now online for all to see.


I’m so pleased with how it has all turned out and we are especially pleased with the font. We made it using Joe’s own handwriting! I will blog about how we did that tomorrow, so you will have to come back if you’d like to see how it was done!


Making the gallery for the site was the hardest and most time consuming part, mostly due to the huge number of drawings that Joe has done! There were so many links to put in, thumbnails to make and details to add but I eventually managed to complete it. No more gallery building for me… until more drawings are drawn that is.


Every image in the gallery has details for the inspiration and the location in which the drawing was conceived. These may not be entirely true facts but they are definitely worth reading. Please do. I lost the skin on my fingers from typing it all out. It’s the least you can do.